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Icelandic Film Festival

When asked by my producer on whether or not I’d be interested in going to an Icelandic film festival, I immediately said yes without hesitating. Film festivals are what I live for! I’d love to go! When asked if I’ve ever ...

Disgustingly Beautiful

Album Review: “Disgustingly Beautiful” By Praze

Where to begin?  How about by saying that this album, is THE ALBUM of Summer 2015.   What Album is it that I am talking about? Well it is non other than Disgustingly Beautiful by Praze. Released March 6th, 2015 this ...


Grandpa Learns Computers

Dave attempts to teach his Russian grandfather how to use the computer…keyword: ATTEMPTS

2015-01-18 15.32

Seether Interview

In this interview, Joey B. got a chance to sit down with John Humphrey, the drummer of Seether when they were at the House Of Blues in Boston. He talks about his sons, other bands that they toured with, what drums he uses, and ...